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Pressure Test Pressure testing of all individual lines: Skimmer, main drain, return, and vacuum lines. Pressure testing is performed to confirm the leak on the underground plumbing and to find out which part of the plumbing the leak is on.

Underground Leak repair VIP POOLS is specialised in underground plumbing leaks and repairs. Whether the leak is located under the pool itself or under the pool deck we can find it and fix it.

Skimmer leak repair Skimmers are common reason for a leaking pool. Massive rain, snow, and low temperatures can cause damage to a skimmer body that will require replacing the entire skimmer. Skimmer throat leaks can be repaired without replacing the entire skimmer.

Hydrostatic valve replacement Hydrostatic valves are very important devices. They have function to adjust the water pressure that builds up below the pool. Bad Hydrostatic valves can cause water pressure underneath and cost the entire pool to pop out of the ground or cost loosing huge amount of pool water into the ground. Hydrostatic valves should be regularly inspected and replaced as needed.