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Pool Opening


Spring swimming pool opening is one of the most exciting times of the year for any pool owner. After months of cold, snow, and ice, the weather is starting to warm up and your pool is nearly ready to be the centerpiece of some backyard fun in the sun! Even though the sun is shining and the water is warm, the pool isn’t quite ready for swimmers just yet. There are still some necessary steps in order to have a clean and safe pool that is ready to handle a long summer season. DMV Pool Service is here to help you through the process of opening your pool.

  • Remove, clean and fold cover
  • Blow deck area around the pool/spa
  • Check the condition of the sand/glass, cartridges or D.E. grids. Clean or replace after Owner’s approval
  • Assemble and start pool/spa pump and pool equipment
  • Check water circulation for adequate flow
  • Re-installation on ladders and handrails
  • Vacuum swimming pool interior up to 1 hour
  • Water chemical test, Start up Chemicals included (Shock, DE, up to 3 bags of Salt included)
  • Visually Inspect Pump, Filter, and Heater for Proper Operations and report
  • Re-vacuum after 1-3 days, re-test and balance water, backwash filter (add $95)


  • Lower Pool Water to proper Level
  • Pressure Air Blow lines and equipment
  • Winterize Filtration system and Pumps
  • Add antifreeze into skimmers and pipes
  • Install all inlet and outlet winterization plugs
  • Remove pool equipment, handrail, ladders, Etc.
  • Store the equipment to proper location
  • Turn off gas to heater
  • Add winter algaecide and all winter chemicals as needed
  • Install Owner’s Pool cover
  • Inspect and report to the Owner

Pool Closing


As cold weather approaches, you will want to start thinking about winterizing the swimming pool. The main purpose in winterizing your swimming pool is to protect it from damage due to freezing water. Another reason to close the pool correctly is to keep it as clean as possible for the next season. Closing your swimming pool properly can save you a lot of work when it comes time to open the swimming pool for the summer. DMV Pool Service will make your pool as safe as possible for the winter and low maintenance to open when warm weather returns in the spring.